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About Us

Active Life Hearing Loops LLC designs and installs assistive listening solutions that enable our clients to provide the best possible hearing accessibility for their users.

For the millions of people with hearing loss, hearing accessibility can be improved in a variety of settings including:

  • one-to-many communication in large spaces

  • many-to-many communication in conference rooms

  • one-to-one communication for transient or confidential interactions at ticket windows or pharmacy counters.

Depending on your setting and specific needs, we will develop a solution drawn from our wide variety of experience with technologies including infrared, FM, and induction loop.

To provide you with the best design and service, our team includes:

  • a systems engineer

  • a low-voltage electrician, and

  • audio installation experts.

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Hearing Live vs Hearing through a Loop

This brief video of a presentation in a large room is about 50 seconds in length.  In the first half, the audio is live -- listening as it sounds through the venue's sound system.  In the second half, you'll hear through the hearing loop, and you'll be relieved at the difference.  Enjoy!

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What is a Hearing Loop and
How Does It Work?

A hearing loop is a system -- installed in a venue such as an auditorium or sanctuary -- that enables users of hearing aids to hear clearly and comfortably without hearing background noise and without using any special equipment.  The components of a hearing loop are the loop amplifier, which receives an audio signal from the venue sound system, and the loop wire, which transmits the signal clearly to users of hearing aids in the looped area.

In a looped room -- no matter how large --  every audience member with a hearing aid or Cochlear implant has a clear, direct, wireless connection with the microphones in the venue's sound system.  An audience member without a hearing aid may hear through the loop using a small loop receiver with earbuds or headphones.

There is no limit to the number of people in the room who can access the hearing loop. 

View the 2-minute video below for an illustration of how a hearing loop works.

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How Do I Get a Hearing Loop?

Simple 3-Step Design & Installation Process

Active Life Hearing Loops LLC provides the following simple 3-Step Design & Installation Process so that you can evaluate the performance of a hearing loop in your venue without cost or commitment.

Step 1.  Site Survey

During a 3-to-4-hour visit to your venue, we will take physical dimensions, set up a test loop, and collect enough data to prepare a design.  We will deliver to you the design & an estimate for installing a

state-of-the-art IEC 60118-4-certified hearing loop system.

Step 2.  Live Demonstration

With your approval of the design & estimate, we will install a temporary evaluation loop that you may use in your normal activity (worship service, live theater performance, etc.).  This allows you to get feedback from your members or patrons from their first-hand experience hearing through the loop,

There is no cost or obligation for Steps 1 & 2.

Step 3:  Installation

This is the permanent installation and commissioning of the system.

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Schedule a Site Survey

Call us or fill-in the information below to schedule a Site Survey or to send us a question.

(770) 345-4000

Thank you for writing!

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